Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Salisbury and Wicomico Fire Drama Comes Down To One Thing :EGO

So many years have gone by and I have watched the same drama pop up over and over from one location consistently over all that time, and that is drama when it comes to firefighting in the area.

Salisbury is a nice sized City who works a hybrid system that uses both paid and volunteer firefighters to keep the citizens safe. We also have many full Volunteer fire companies in the County that respond in more remote locations so everyone has protection. The City has the best equipment around obviously being financed by the largest City on the shore, so they respond to most of the calls around the area because they are always staffed and don't have to wait for volunteers to respond to their station to go to the call.

Volunteer stations usually rely on working people to be able get off work and respond to the headquarters to make the call run, and this is obviously going to delay a response. The City has not been properly reimbursed for all the assistance they make to the County and now we are asking for those funds. This is not an attack on the great volunteers around the area, it is just simply a budgetary issue.

What we get into however is volunteer and career guys using blogs to throw insults at he other when it comes to any issues that make the public eye. It has to be the Prima donna career guys, no it's the wannabe Volunteers...and back and forth it goes and the other website just lives rent free in your mind . Feelings get hurt, people who are supposed to go into a fire together and have each others back to save a life, call each other names as anonymous commenters,

This is main reason I usually stay out of the drama because I despise the child like behavior that comes from both sides. This latest episode with the Station 1 guys is just the final straw for me. The entire incident is just a battle of egos and is just another in a long line of disagreements between paid and volunteer firefighters. I have nothing but respect for both, however it is a fact paid guys have more training than volunteers. This would lend credence to the idea that they have more knowledge than the Volunteer guys. It isn't a knock, trust me it's just simple facts with what is out there.

Volunteers should be appreciated for putting their lives on the line for free, and taking time out of their lives to rush to someones aid. Career guys should be respected for their knowledge and ability to teach others proper firefighting techniques.

The guys at Station 1 who tried to pull this latest stunt let one thing dictate their emotions...their egos. They didn't like Rick Hoppes or the way the Station was run and they didn't want to take orders from him anymore. They had no plans in place and just figured they could just use the City equipment until July and not take any orders while doing so. I mean really? Corey Polidore the "leader" of this group rode around and took photos to send to the other blogger the day of the Mayors press conference, so what does that show you? Those are actions of a child, one that is gonna show them by snapping photos of them from a  distance, so they can be made fun of.

When you have someone like that as a representative of guys who are supposed to be grown adult men, you should worry. This entire event is just another black eye on our City and our Fire Department. Instead of throwing a fit to get your way, do the proper thing and understand if you want to be a Salisbury firefighter in any capacity you have to report to the Fire Chief who is Rick Hoppes. I am sure many don't like him, and that is  fine but you still have to respect the position .

The Station one guys because of bruised egos, now are begging around trying to find someone to build them their own Fire Station and buy them their own toys to use so they can stick it to Hoppes. This takes MONEY, money County taxpayers do not have so someone can feed their ego and Polidore can make himself Emperor of their own Fire Station.

All this Drama comes down to one thing....EGO.


Anonymous said...

So darn true!!! Like little boys fighting over toys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Salisbury and Wicomico Fire Drama Comes Down To One Thing :EGO

Actually if you have been paying attention you will see that the ego is with the paid firemen.

Emperor? Polidore? Maybe. Hoppes? Most definitely and most of the appointed fire chiefs ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH but the city has $$$$
for MORE paid FF ????

pseudonym said...

DO not forget the queen of drama Salisburys only version of Rue Paul. Mr Anthony Webster.

Anonymous said...

The city had to hire more fire fighters because the station 1 volunteers rarely/never responded to calls that were assigned to their station. Two alarms go out and they could never get a crew together. The call would then get assigned to the other departments

Anonymous said...

I say rid the city of Volunteers if they don't follow the Leadership.

Anonymous said...

The consultant hired by Bob and Jake said no more volunteer only fire houses. Nobody is reporting on that. The problem with our local media is that the blogs take sides and dig in and the paper and TV cant understand one page of details because they are to lazy (LIZ HOLLAND) or have to put on makeup and don't have time (47,16. I'm tired of my taxdollars being held hostage by firemen.