Friday, March 3, 2017

Robin Pope Case Still Ongoing

Yesterday marked four years since Robin Pope went missing. I promised her daughters that I would continue to keep the case from being forgotten.
The Maryland State Police is in charge of the investigation, however anyone who has information about her disappearance and death can always call me if they wish.
Office: (410) 758-0770 Cell: (443) 496-1277
For those who are unfamiliar with the case here is a CrimeWatch Daily video:


Anonymous said...

JT was there ever a response for the man that died that was in the house on Truitt Street? He was found in his car dead....don't remember seeing an official report. Thanks for keeping these unsolved cold cases in the media....families no doubt want and deserve some kind of explanation!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1:29-I think that was Liberty Street if we're talking about the same case.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, was that the case where his car was smeared with something that looked like chocolate milk shake? It turned out to be some kind of poison but everything was hushed up. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers to her family. I hope they get some answers.

Anonymous said...

1) If ex spouse, spouse, child, anyone goes missing and ends up deceased if I am giving a chance to take a polygraph to clear myself I would be on it. Reason why,I want myself cleared so the police can focus on other people.

2) During a murder investigation if a suspects parents so they dont think he was there truth is he never was. Parents are going to protect their children no matter how old they are. To just tell police he wasnt rhere, HE REALLY WASNT THERE.

3) I think he used the dog as a pawn. He told her he put the dog down out of spite to hurt her. In his eyes they were a package deal. He tossed them both in the bay like garbage. They both had the same autopsy for the most part.

Its horrible. Cases like this remind me of Casey Anthony. All the signs point to one person, but there isnt any solid evidence. This woman survived cancer, CANCER!! All to have her life taken by scum.