Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Protect Our Schools Act 2017

The Maryland Legislature has gone rogue and decided that they prefer to fall out of compliance with the Federally mandated Every Student Succeeds Act than have schools continue to emphasize the standardized testing requirements.

The impact on Maryland public schools is a guaranteed loss of $248 million in Title 1 funding. They did not include what additional funds may be lost due to the changes they made in how low-performing schools improvement plans would be adopted and implemented. The changes to this section will certainly be deemed out of compliance and will potentially result in more Title 1 money lost.

The loss of this money may not have a major impact on the Maryland counties that surround the DC area, but I venture to guess here on the shore the impact will be measurable. 

Governor Hogan has vowed to veto this bill.

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Anonymous said...

Wicomico kids are really good at filling in bubbles. I would hate for them to lose that skill.