Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pocomoke City Police Press Release

Pocomoke City Police

SNOW HILL – On January 12, 2017, Kinsey Nixon, 42, of Pocomoke City, Md. was sentenced to twenty-five years in the Department of Corrections after being found guilty of Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Possession of a Firearm During a Drug Trafficking Crime. That minimum/mandatory sentence was imposed with limited opportunities of parole. This was his third conviction for drug distribution related offenses.

This sentence was the result of a complex, long-term investigation conducted by the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team that included the coordination of multiple local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Those agencies participating included The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Pocomoke City Police Department, the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division, the Ocean City Police Department Narcotics Unit, the Eastern Shore of Virginia Drug Task Force, the Department of Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County.

During the months, long investigation detectives determined that Nixon was a high-level drug dealer operating in the Worcester and Accomack County areas. During their investigation detectives authored a search and seizure warrant for Mr. Nixon’s home located on Sheephouse Road in Pocomoke City. During the execution of that warrant, law enforcement recovered 794 grams of cocaine, 375 grams of marijuana and one high point nine-millimeter handgun.

Sherriff for Worcester County, Reggie Mason stated, “This investigation, arrest and successful prosecution are testament to the strong relationships enjoyed by our local agencies along with our federal brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Particular credit has to be given to the partnerships between the Sherriff’s Office, Chief Bill Harden of the Pocomoke City Police Department and Chief Ross Buzzuro of the Ocean City Police Department, without whom this result would never have been possible”.

State’s Attorney for Worcester County Beau Oglesby applauded the efforts of law enforcement, “Kinsey Nixon was poisoning our streets for profit. Because of the outstanding efforts of the Criminal Enforcement Team and its allied partners, he will have the next twenty-five years in the Department of Corrections to regret his decision to deal drugs in Worcester County”.

Chief William Harden Sr.
March 7, 2017


Anonymous said...

Pocomoke City has a police department?

Anonymous said...

Bitch molly is at it again today.

Jonathan Taylor said...

I don't pay anymore attention to her and the more you talk about her more she likes it...she is a nothing

Anonymous said...

What is limited opportunities parole that mean he wont do whole 25 years then if parole is still in the picture

Anonymous said...

It costs an average of $24,000 a year to keep a person in jail. So 25 yrs 24k a year. $600,000 to keep this loser in jail. Not to meantion all the pay to the police during there month long investigation. Why not legal drugs and then he's got nothing to sell. People are going to use drugs if they want. Arresting user or sellers isn't going to stop anything. Legalize , educate. Stop wasting tax money

Anonymous said...

2:09 you want cocaine to be for sale at the shore stop?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they mention the $90,000 dollars they found in Kinseys house

Anonymous said...

Beau...I thought you said there weren't any drug dealers in Worcester County???