Friday, March 10, 2017

George Miles Missing Case Comment

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I was talking to one of the female wives/girlfriends of the Miles boys and she told me several years ago when I asked about Bobby. She told me that there was always a phone call on Christmas Day and the family talked to whoever it was, but would never tell her who it was. It leads me to believe that Bobby was alive for several years after his disappearance.

Bobby Miles was a sales manager and a good friend of Carlton Massey so it makes me wonder why he drove a Ford Escort that day. Normally Bobby would get a dealer car and it was usually a nice, new Mercury Marquis. Now I have seen him just grab a car like that because it was quick and he was just making a quick run.

If I remember correctly Bobby Miles went to Jim Ables deli? I think I read that on the missing.

Where I am going with this I think Bobby may have gotten into something way over his head and went to live somewhere for safety. Since the incident going on at the time was happening in at least 2 states where cars were being stolen and wrecked cars would have the serial numbers taken off of them and put on the stolen cars. I think he was involved in that and he ran off with money or he was given a new identity under the Witness Protection Program(hence the secret phone calls to the family members during the holidays.) There is a good chance that Bobby may have passed away since then because he would be up their in age. Carlton Massey is gone now and so are others.

Another interesting note is some of the individuals mentioned were involve in a Moonshine still and running illegal booze years ago with the help of a Worcester County Deputy. It may have involved C.K. Duncan and his automobile dealership at the time. Seems like some years later Carlton Massey opened a successful Ford Dealership and employed some of the characters for life after that.

Now this isn't rumor, this Folk Lore of the time. See how many people comment on these statements. For the Record Carlton Massey, Bobby Miles and the others were good people. I know Mr. Massey would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it.


Anonymous said...

I aint never heard such a bunch of cockamamie BS in all my life

Anonymous said...

I can't find anything in this story that is not basically true.

On the day Bobby disappeared he came home, put his paycheck on top of the refrigerator, and said he was going "downtown" for a few minutes. Where he actually went is anybody's guess but Jimmy Abell's grocery makes sense. Jimmy Abell sold an awful lot of sugar and yeast and it didn't go into soda pop or cakes (if you know what I mean)!

The still was located in the garage of the little white house across Rt. 13 from the dealership. I think Betsy Justice used to live there and now the property is part of Buchanan Subaru property. Yes, a deputy (Jackie Mann Parsons) was involved and his job was to keep the LE people out of the way.

I don't think Clint Duncan was involved in the moonshine operation as Bill Miller and Carlton Massey left his employ much earlier, probably about 1959 or so. Clint was not happy when they started their own Ford dealership but I can't remember any involvement with the still on Clint's part.

Anonymous said...

I am hesitant to say anything because it is sensitive.
I'm thinking if Mr.Miles has not been found it is possible he won't be. If he made a decision to leave the area he doesn't want to be found and after time period of time, he won't be until ready to return.
I did know these ole boys, along with Strawberry that is still with us I hope.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Strawberry" is still very much alive.

Anonymous said...

I know memories of details fade after 30 years but I think it was Linwood Duncan, not Clinton who had the GM dealership.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the immediate family knows he was alive for the years since hes disappeared,hence the comments on the original post telling you to stop posting his case online and drop the whole thing.Illegal liquor and interstate car thievery and fraud are both Federal crimes so its very likely local law enforcement were involved to some degree.People and cars don't just vanish like in the movies.My opinion? What man would just take a powder on his loved ones unless he did it for their safety and his? I think he was put into the program and lived the remaining years of his life as someone else,and likely used pay phones just once a year to tell them he loved them.Before anyone gets ignorant about my theory,let me repeat that both bootlegging and GTA are serious Federal crimes not penny-ante crap.

Anonymous said...

bingo, 9:42