Monday, March 27, 2017

Crisfield Residents Hear Plans For Old Carvel Hall Building

Full House at this past Wednesday's night City Hall meeting concerns over the Carvel Hall building. The concerns were generated  from a recent Facebook post by Councilmen Emily, who shared inside information that a possible manure fertilization recycling plant was interested in the building.
   Cullen Pkwy and surrounding residents gathered into City Hall demanding answers. Laddel Dorman was the spokesperson for the angry non-city residents and are totally against of any kind of a manure plant going into the building.
   The Developer said as of now, we don't have any confirmed companies for the plant, we are a investment company that will take 200,000 of our monies to explore possibilities of what needs to be done and what could be done at the Carvel Hall building. They have a manure company interested but not confirmed. He also said the building could be broken up into sections for multiple companies to create jobs for Crisfield. The investment company spokesperson also said a manure plant would be better for Carvel Hall than all the chemicals that are present now from the last 50 years of the plant's operation dumping chemicals into the ground water.
  The City will go to vote at the next City Hall meeting to or not allow the Company a 1 year lease to explore those possibilities.


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