Monday, February 13, 2017

Worcester County Sheriff Press Release

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release


 In an effort to reduce the availability of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to minors, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting compliance checks in all businesses in Worcester County that sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco during the year.

Remember you must be 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages. You must be 18 years of age to purchase tobacco products.   


Please check identifications of those attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. It only takes a short period of time and can help save a life and a business license.


Anonymous said...

Spend that time and money catching the criminals and drug dealers out roaming the streets after dark! Selling a 6-pack of beer and a pack of smokes....not quite that threatening....just saying!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea, lets let everyone know you are going to do this first, that way you won't catch that many people. DUH

Anonymous said...

Even though the OC Police, MSP, and the Sheriff's Office has made announcements like this EVERY year since 1995, quite a few ignorant, or lazy, or greedy, or distracted, or [very likely] poorly trained/supervised employee, or even a licensee/owner STILL sells to the minor. They either fail to ask for ID, or look at the ID [which says, in bold red ink-UNDER AGE 21 UNTIL [ the kids' 21st birthday].

It is kind of funny that the server or store clerk NEVER forgets to ask for the money for the booze.

Now my opinion is that the real kids** that are caught in night clubs, restaurants, and at beer stores should be subject to the same penalties as the store clerk [and the store owners], $1000.00 fine and/or 2 years in jail. PLUS-possible suspension/loss of the alcoholic beverage license and up to a $4000.00 [yes 4K] fine by the licensee authorities- all because some store clerk was daydreaming on the job. After all it isn't like the stores and clerks are yanking the kids into the store, it is the kids that are willfully & with malice aforethought are starting the chain of events.

** Under current law the kids are subject to a CIVIL-no criminal record & $500 fine [usually a LOT less] and maybe some community service job like washing police cars. Note: Kids caught with a fake ID can be charged under traffic law and are subject to a $500 fine, 60 days in jail, and 12 points on their [MD] drivers license UNLESS the judge gives them PBJ which they usually do.

By the way, the police cadets show their OWN underage license when the server or clerk asks for ID.

Anonymous said...

A business or store selling alcohol and it's employees are specifically and sometimes unfairly targeted by MSP. In one instance a MSP cadet walked into a store and removed a 6 pack of beer from a cooler and then asked the sales clerk how much the beer was. The clerk hardly noticed the cadet but looked at the beer and told the cadet how much the beer would cost him. Said clerk was clearly in violation of state law when she did not demand the cadet's ID. She lost her job and the store was fined. No ID was displayed but likely would have been had the cadet tried to complete the sale.
It's my own belief the State of Md doesn't give a rat's rectum who buys alcohol or what the age of the purchaser is. It's all about revenue. I respect the MSP but when they're told by their superiors to shake the tree they do so whether it is ethical or not. It's how the game is played and sometimes it ain't pretty.
I know of no one who drinks that can admit that they did not drink alcohol or purchase it when they were underage, including people in law enforcement. If busting businesses that mistakenly or otherwise sells to minors wasn't in their job description, most of them couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

When MSP does these things, the State does not make any money from these violations. It costs a lot more to pay the Trooper (usually it is overtime) and the Cadet, then the Court collects in fines.

If the License people impose a fine, ThAT money goes to the county where the place is located.

I agree that nobody really gives a shit, it is just politicians' response to social workers bitching about underage drinking. They will NEVER -- EVER stop it. They could slow it down a bit if they made underage possession of alcohol a crime (like it used to be), and imposed a jail sentence, a SUBSTANTIAL fine, and a 90 day drivers license susension.

Hells Bells, we can't stop the kids from smoking dope and crack, what's a little booze?