Monday, February 13, 2017

Queen Anne's County Sheriff Press Release

ARREST: Dawand Dametrius Daughtery (27) of Baltimore, MD
DETAILS: Deputies responded to Auto Zone for a report of subjects purchasing items with counterfeit $100 bills. As Deputies were responding it was reported that the subjects were now in Kent Town Market, last seen in Big Lots.
Deputies located a suspect placing bags of items in the trunk of the reported suspect vehicle and detained him. When asked about a second suspect he advised that person may be in Big Lots or the liquor store. As one deputy went to check, the suspect ran from the other deputy. The chase went around Chik Fil A and then across RT 50 traffic. With assistance from MSP and a K9 Unit from Centreville PD, the suspect was located hiding in a rear yard of a residence in Gibson Grant. A search for the second subject described as an Afro-American female with long hair and a tattoo on her neck was unsuccessful.
A search of the vehicle resulted in a large amount of auto products, cosmetics, coffee maker, bedding, and other items along with several questionable drivers’ licenses and a “Boost Bag” (a pocketbook altered to avoid store security tabs).
Items purchased at Big Lots and Auto Zone was recovered, however the victim store of the large amount of cosmetics, Oil of Olay and ROC and multiple packs of flash drives has yet been determined.
Daughtery has been charged with six counts of Theft, two Counts of Theft Scheme, four counts of counterfeit bills and one count of obstruction/hinding. The total recovery of the items was well over $1000.
DEPUTY: Deputy Alex Cooper, Cpl. J. Brockman, MSP & Centreville PD
CASE: 17-01389

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More black crime? Say it aint so.