Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nathaniel Woodson And Noah Joyce Unsolved Fruitland Double Homicide.

Fruitland On July 7th, 1999 at 04:25 am Fruitland Officers were dispatched to Poplar Street at Elizabeth Street for suspicious circumstances of subjects laying on the ground and not moving.

As Officers arrived they observed that 42 year old Nathaniel Woodson of Fruitland and 42 year old Noah Joyce of Eden had been critically injured by gunfire and were unconscious. Both victims were transported to the hospital where they both were pronounced deceased.
This case remains unsolved but continues to be investigated to this day. The current investigator assigned to this investigation is Det. Butch Mills.

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Anonymous said...

Detective Mills is one of the best law enforcement officers on the shore,he will be able to solve this cold case!

Anonymous said...

During a recent cold case investigation I actually heard the girlfriend of a victim tell an investigator "No,you don't want to discuss this with them.They don't have a thing to do with it".That was after she was asked if a particular place of business might provide insight into the case.After she said that.they assumed that SHE did not want them to speak to anyone in the business in question & did precisely as they were told.Seriously,it made me cringe.Until they stop putting people beyond suspicion nothing will be solved.The heck with tip toeing around to avoid stepping on toes.