Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Julia Glanz Named New City Administrator.

Salisbury, meet your new City Administrator, Ms. Julia Glanz! Julia has served the City since April of 2015. She is a Salisbury resident, and a graduate of Salisbury University, having received her undergraduate degree in Business Management in 2011 and her Masters in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution in 2013. Before coming to the City, Julia worked for AFSCME representing Maryland State employees. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Salisbury University Alumni Association, and gives her time to volunteer to support veterans with the America’s VetDogs.

Julia has been the Acting City Administrator since December, 2016. On Tuesday night, in closed session, Mayor Day sought the advice and consent of the City Council, per City Charter. Julia's appointment was approved unanimously.


  1. What the hell does Fake Day do???? Maybe she will run the City better than him....give him more time to jump in front of the media with his hero Liarton!

  2. Salisbury's first gay mayor and now Salisbury's first gay City Administrator! WTF is going on with these liberals Jake Day and Jim Ireton!

  3. What happened to City Administrator Stevenson?

  4. As a City taxpayer this makes me sick to my stomach. If this the best the council could find. Did they advertise? A kid with no experience in life or business!


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