Thursday, February 16, 2017

Debate Not Personal Attacks

I have been unimpressed lately with the personal attacks aimed at both sides of this debate regarding keeping and making America great again. Personal attacks are for immature people with a low IQ who can't argue a point without going back to their High School mentality..(one of these people is a dropout BTW) so what can you expect.

Illegal Immigration is killing this Country. With over 11 million undocumented Illegals inside our borders gaining access to free health care, food stamps, and cheap housing how can you not see this as an issue. The amount of money that we put out continues to overwhelm us and our debt. We have millions of natural born US citizens struggling to get help from our Government because the system is overwhelmed.

People want to claim that if we take them out of the Country who will do our fields, clean our houses..etc etc. .Those jobs would be filled by Legal US Citizens, maybe not as soon as filled with illegals but it would happen. The facts are these people don't mind them because they see them as cheap labor they can pay under the table instead of paying a decent wage to an American worker.

It is an easy thing to become a legal United States Citizen. Click here. Very simple steps. The truth is the same with the black community who continue to vote for Democrats, the Liberals know that by helping support the illegal alien cause they pick up loyal voters. Democrats give them things, hence a vote.

It baffles me that the left can continue to support people who break our laws as the first thing they do. It is irrelevant if they are good people, they have legal channels to become citizens and there is zero reason for them not to.

I also want to ask what do you the liberal left say to people who followed all the rules and took the steps to become legal Citizens?What they were dumb they should have just ran across the border?

Next post will be on vetting


Anonymous said...

The only way to grow an economy for the long haul is to do it naturally organically. Government interference like raising of the minimum wage never works. Employers need to be competing for workers and not the other way around-not workers competing for jobs. A steady stream of immigrants ready willing and able to work for low wages puts the ball in the employers court. They don't have to compete for employees by offering higher wages or benefits. Contrary to what most liberals think and what was proven by Clinton's leaked emails, the democrat politicians are controlled by Big Business and Wall Street. The democrat politicians esp those like Clinton want all commerce and services controlled by a handful of Big Business. They don't want small businesses to exist because that gives people more choices when it comes to employment.

Anonymous said...

Immigration is bad for an economy. They can twist this truth, spin it, lie about it but the fact stands when people are willing to work for slave wages that is a huge detriment to the economy.

Anonymous said...

They are living in a fantasy. They believe the romantic notion that most immigrants are here for the "American dream" to "make a better life for their children here" and to become citizens. Not true. Most Green Card holders have no intention of every becoming naturalized. This because they hope to return home. That's why they live sparely and send money back home all the time. Many milk the system.
Of all the Mexican and Latin American Green Card holders and who meet the other requirements of naturalization a very small percentage every become citizens. It's even less for those here from Middle Eastern and many predominately Muslim African countries.
This is why they have no desire nor intention to assimilate, become a part of the melting pot.

Anonymous said...

BORDERS NEED TO BE CLOSED! We have to make the United States safe for AMERICANS first and foremost, then look at any in flux after a secure border is established.

InvictusV said...

The fact is these illegals send a large portion of their earnings back to their families to the tune of billions of dollars per year. These remittances should be taxed. The vast majority of the money is being paid to these illegals under the table and not being taxed. So while these millions are using our tax payer funded resources they are paying next to nothing to use them. When Obama said 'you didn't build that' he could have just as easily been speaking to the millions of illegals that are here. So when they go around making demands I find it rather amusing. 'You didn't build that' Now STFU.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Why didn't they help their own economy.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to cut off all immigration. It is time to put a stop to it and I am sick and tired of hearing that 'we were all immigrants.'

For you idiots that are too stupid to see what is going on. We are a different world today and it's not the good people that are migrating to America, Land of the Free. It is the murdering freeloaders looking for something Free. And I am getting sick and tired of paying for them illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

President Trump please cut off all benefits to illegal aliens and to "immigrants" who haven't paid into the system for 10 years or more.

Anonymous said...

The reason the democrats are bound and determined to bring in these central and south americans is because these people continually vote in leftist/marxist/socialist regimes. Just take a look at the last 30 years and the number of leftist regimes that were democratically elected in central and south america. The democrats want the votes and to make sure they get them they are bringing in fellow travelers.

Anonymous said...

Invictus and others, not only are the illegals but the ones here legally who are not naturalized citizens (and some citizens) also send large amounts of money HOME. I am stressing home because they have no intentions of ever living here permanently.
Those staging and attending the No Ban No Wall rally are nothing but clueless wonders-people who don't get off the eastern shore much and are clueless as to how it is in the real world.
They believe a degree from SU or any other public college or university means they are "educated." They have so much to learn. They are just sad shells of a human being. Brainwashed fools.

Scallywag said...

Invictus I will agree with your first comment if you include everyone who sends money out of the country including corporations and wealthy individuals. That'a where the money should come from to build the wall.