Monday, December 12, 2016


12510280_863330933785989_3150451325629752675_n-420x300While some Ocean Pines residents are packing up and heading out of town for the holiday season, officers with the Ocean Pines police department are keeping a watchful eye on unoccupied homes. Residential security checks are provided by the police department on a weekly basis for homes that will be vacant for 30 days or longer. This security check program runs year-round, but it’s in the winter when a large amount of homes are vacant in the area. ‘Snowbirds’ who fly south, to rid themselves of the frigid temperatures, are encouraged to request this service.
Officers, who are assigned to sectors, monitor the home at random. The property’s perimeter will be surveyed by the Ocean Pines officer and any changes since their last visit will be reported to the home owner immediately.
Ocean Pines residents can apply for free residence checks by completing a ‘Resident Check Form‘ online.
Ocean Pines has a state certified, full service police agency that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department protects life and property, preserves the peace, and enforces all state and county laws, including traffic laws, in a fair and impartial manner. All sworn officers attend 23 weeks of intensive police training at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy in Salisbury , Maryland . Upon graduation, all officers are certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission.
The police department has an effective bicycle patrol program. Officers participating in the program are certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association cyclist program.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh here it is maybe they should be checking the cars in the drive ways. To damn funny to be a lie. Come On Man stop sleeping on Mids.

Anonymous said...

I live off of the main drag and I probably see the police patrolling about 6 times a YEAR. I am home with street visibility about 80% of the time. I see them more at Shore Stop and the snowball stand in the summer than my neighborhood. Years ago when I called them for a possible break in next door in progress and my dog was frantically barking at their open door on the side, it took them 45 minutes to respond. I sent my dog in to secure the neighbor's house. When they arrived, I asked what took so long. He was taking a report from someone in the other end, who returned from Winter to find her place had been broken into over the winter. I asked if there was only one police working during the day. No answer. It would VERY NICE to see them patrolling all of the time.