Thursday, November 10, 2016

Worcester County Sheriff Notice Of Unsolicited Calls

x worcester county sheriff's officeIf you receive a call from 410-705-5426 DO NOT return the call, and DO NOT answer it. You are reminded to only answer calls that you are familiar with. Most importantly, if someone calls regarding a specific utility, hang up and call them yourself. Do not use the number provided by the unknown caller, as they may have multiple spam numbers ready to steal your money. Delmarva Power nor Choptank Electric solicit your account number or personal information over the phone. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact your local Police or Sheriff's Office.


Anonymous said...

I've found to be helpful in identifying spam, identity theft phone numbers that call my phone. Then I put the info as the contact name so I know not to answer it.

Anonymous said...

I have a more technological method of dealing with tricksters.I download a virus into their system when they call.That slows them down for a while.I do the same with political robo calls.