Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests from 11/05/2016 to 11/11/2016:
Daniel Cornell Schilling  28yoa  Salisbury, MD
Myakiesha Vonnyae Corbin  31yoa  Salisbury, MD
Lionel Florian  65yoa  Salisbury, MD
Robert Marceles Colbert  23yoa  DE
Alejandro J. Centreses Espejos   25yoa  Salisbury, MD
Clerence Edward Dickerson  57yoa  Salisbury, MD
Terry Lee Willuweit  33yoa  Berlin, MD
Joel Chris Getroun  28yoa  Salisbury, MD
Kelsey Lee Harvey  21yoa  Crisfield, MD


Anonymous said...

JT, would you be able to get some info on the status of the case involving Robert and Susan Murphy the operators of the Eden puppy mill? There hasn't been any activity on case search since they bonded out. No trial date listed or anything.

Anonymous said...

Great point 9:25,but actions such as those taken by authorities re this case ALWAYS mean the same thing.They think that time heals all wounds, and the Murphy's have pulled a Bill Cosby pitiful act in court to get out of being locked up as they should be.Take their actions as proof that not one single day will be served.Probation due to no prior criminal convictions.All one needs to do is hobble into court and look as old and pitiful as possible.My understanding is that both have been diagnose as having early onset dimentia.Well gee,won't that come in handy.They can't be held accountable for what they can't recall.