Friday, November 4, 2016

Crisfield Comes Together For Family Of Fatal Fire

The fire this past weekend in Crisfield was surely a tragedy in many, many ways! The loss of life is horrific. Each person impacted lives in many ways. But in tragedy often there is good.
First off...for the last two days...the high school has had paid dress down days. All the proceeds from the last two days will go to the funeral home toward expenses.
Also, Abigail East has designed a t-shirt in memory of Angelina! The shirts are pink and are designed to remember her in a special way. The t-shirts are on sale for $15.00. You can order yours now. All the proceeds will go to the funeral home toward expenses for Angelina's and her mothers funerals. I will attach a picture below and you can order yours today! Every order is important and will help greatly! Place your order now with Abigail and the orders will be place by November the 14th. She needs your size, quantity and how you will be paying her!
SADD will be doing a 10% day with ThePizza Shoppe on this Friday, November 4th...with your purchase of anything from the Pizza Shoppe 10% of the ticket will go for the funeral funds. Thanks to BillieJo for helping us support this family! So please go to the Pizza Shoppe in Crisfield to order something good to eat and help our cause!
SADD will be holding a 10% day/ night with Circle Inn in Crisfield. I will announce the date as soon as possible. I have spoken to the owner who is out of town on vacation until Tuesday...she is more than willing to help and will set a date upon her return next week. Please listen out for details...all proceeds will be sent to the funeral home.
Main Street Flowers in Crisfield will be making pink ribbons for sale out of their store. The ribbons will cost $8.00 each and half of the money will go towards the funeral expenses. Pink was Angelina's favorite color and was part of her name (Pinkston). Please stop in
and order or pick up your ribbon as soon as possible! Place your ribbon on your mailbox, fence, light, flagpole or anywhere to show your remembrance of Angelina!
There may be other things happening...but for now these are ways you can help. Please consider helping out. Your child may have not known Angelina personally...but a loss of a child is the loss of a child. Also, there was the loss of Angelina's mother and a small family friend...4 month old Kaiden. Kaiden's mom used to be at our school also. Shelby (Kaiden's mom) will always have a special place in my heart! So even if you weren't touched personally...the loss is tremendous and you can help! Thank you for your help and please, please share this and the t-shirt attachment! Your help is very much needed!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see the community come together, so sad it takes tragedies such as these to pull a town together.