Monday, August 1, 2016

Today Is About One Thing Susie Stiltner

4 years ago today Susie Stiltner disappeared without a trace. Susie had gone to pick up her Bike from her sisters house. The photo of her bike is below the missing flyer. Susie had been in a relationship with Robert Bruce Wilhemi prior to her disappearance. His photo below as well. If you knew them back in 2012 maybe you can remember places that they used to go, as any information may be helpful to police. 

Susie has lost her Sister and Mother since she has been gone, and her children need to have some closure. In every situation like these someone knows something. Please call the Police and tell them what you heard or know about this case.


Anonymous said...

Ponder this for a moment:Attorneys have contacted this guy.

Anonymous said...

Why 8:57?

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