Friday, July 1, 2016

Professional hockey league eyes Salisbury for expansion team

The Federal Professional Hockey League is eyeing Salisbury as a potential home for an expansion team.  Including the NHL, there are only 5 professional leagues in the country, and the FHL is a single A league. In April, Governor Larry Hogan signed a bill allowing the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center to apply for a liquor license.

It did, and with alcohol set to be sold at future events, it has made the Civic Center a more attractive landing spot for the professional hockey team.  For months, County Executive Bob Culver has been "putting out feelers" for hockey teams to come as he stated in an interview with 47ABC in April.  Those efforts coming to fruition with the FHL, whose Vice Commissioner Andrew Reynolds says Salisbury is a good fit due to its geographic location.  With teams from New Hampshire and Vermont, stretching down to North Carolina (whose team will have their inaugural season this year), Salisbury's location "work's out pretty good" according to Reynolds.

While their is certainly interest on both sides, Normandy Arena may be a great home for the expansion team, but 47ABC is told one of the tougher parts of expansion, is filling the arena with fans.

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Anonymous said...

Although not my cup of tea. a lot of come-here's LOVE hockey.

Anonymous said...

I agree....not my thing, but, it may be a source of income for the Civic Centre and County!

Anonymous said...

Hope this doesnt get the Shorebirds treatment. Packed house the first year, then a steady decline after.

Jim said...

I for one love hockey!! I will attend!! I think the biggest mistake the Shorebirds made was making people pay to park. That really turned me off. I still go to a few games a year but not as many as I used to.
So bring on hockey!! Coolest sport in the world!!