Thursday, July 7, 2016

OCPD Distributes Bike Lights, Thanks To Safety Grant

OCEAN CITY — When it comes to the public safety of bikers in Ocean City, installing a light is more valuable than writing a citation.

On the heels of a heartbreaking fatality of an international student riding a bike in a Delaware beach resort who was struck by a driver who fled the scene, the Ocean City Police Department announced it has completed a grant funded initiative that put lights on 60 bicycles, largely owned by foreign students.

While the timing of the completed initiative and the unfortunate tragedy is purely coincidental, the potential impact of the initiative has town officials hoping that it will prevent similar tragedies.

“It can be nearly impossible for drivers to see cyclists that are not equipped with front and rear lights,” said OCPD Chief Ross Buzzuro. “According to Maryland law, all bicyclists must have a white front light facing forward, visible from the front of the bike, and a red rear facing backward light, visible from the rear.”

While some police departments would choose to uphold the law by writing citations, in this case, a violation that levies a $90 fine, the OCPD opted for a teachable moment that it hopes will increase public safety and ultimately save lives.

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Anonymous said...

No not thanks to a safety grant. Thanks to the tax payers!

Anonymous said...

More Free Money out of my pocket. Well guess what Tourons you can go to Walmart or even Roses in OC and buy these lights yourself. I shouldn't have to put these lights on your bikes for you. If you are to stupid to do it yourself you don't deserve to ride a bike.