Friday, July 1, 2016

Disgraced Cecil County State's Attorney Edward Rollins withdraws from judgeship consideration

ELKTON — Cecil County State’s Attorney Edward D. E. “Ellis” Rollins III has withdrawn his name from the list of candidates seeking a vacant Cecil County Circuit Court judgeship in the wake of his arrest last week in Ocean City.

Rollins told the Cecil Whig late Thursday afternoon that he had contacted Robert Scholz, counsel for the Maryland Office of the Governor, earlier that day and informed him that he would no longer be seeking the open judgeship.

It was a stunning turn of events for the beleaguered state’s attorney who was seen as the frontrunner for the position, earning praise from colleagues, just weeks ago. Rollins was one of three applicants who made the “short list,” after going through a nomination process, and Gov. Larry Hogan was scheduled to interview all finalists individually next week in Elkton — breaking from the longtime practice of governors conducting those judicial candidate interviews in Annapolis.

“I do not want my present circumstances to be a distraction to this critical judicial appointment,” Rollins said, reading from a copy of the notification he had sent to the governor’s office.

Rollins then emphasized, “This is not a concession that I am guilty, but this frees me up to fight this thing.”

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Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a thin line between a concession and a confession.Wording,in my personal opinion,should not give anyone an upper hand in a legal predicament.What else can we expect from someone who was a virtual shoe in for judgeship prior to this incident? Why the heck can't anyone simply admit they made a huge mistake and go from there? And the court will roll right along with his scheme.Whatever is good for the affluent should be good for everyone.Why can't courts understand that? It's easy to see that aside from not being made a judge his life will go on without a hitch after this ordeal is over.Totally a them and us preferential society in which we live.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was supposed to be in rehab, I read that somewhere.

Anonymous said...

10:08-Maybe you were thinking about Amy Winehouse.

Anonymous said...

If he were sure that these charges against him held no merit, he would fight tooth and nail on behalf of his innocence and his career. He is a lawyer. He knows the law. He is aware of the evidence against him. He even has his own attorney, according to this article. So now he backs away from the judgeship and awaits due process. Even with the presumption of innocence on his side, he voluntarily withdraws his name for consideration. That would suggest to me that the charges against him do, in fact, hold merit and his position as States Attorney is in jeopardy because of his actions.