Friday, July 1, 2016

Delmarva Power warns of scammers demanding payment

Delmarva Power announced recently it has been alerted to an uptick in scam activity in Delaware. Information from law enforcement officials and other utilities has indicated that scammers are targeting not only residents, but also commercial businesses, the company said. It has been reported that scammers are telling business owners that the location's electric service account is delinquent and it will be shut off for nonpayment unless the business purchases a Green Dot MoneyPak for a specific amount dictated by the scammer from stores including CVS, Rite Aid, Wawa, and supermarkets.

Victims are then given instructions to call a scammer telephone number with the card’s account number and pin. Once the scammer gets the card’s identifying information, the value is then downloaded, swept and stolen, Delmarva Power said, and these transactions are untraceable.

Many companies, including Delmarva Power, will contact customers in person or via phone for various reasons. If someone claims to represent a company, whether the company is Delmarva Power or another entity, it is important that customers take precautions to verify the person is affiliated with the company, especially if that person is requesting an immediate payment, Delmarva Power said.

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Anonymous said...

are people really that dumb?

Anonymous said...

Yep, people are really that dumb. I mean look who was elected president of the United States. Question answered!

Anonymous said...

6:45-Twice even.