Tuesday, July 19, 2016

City Opens Consolidated Housing & Community Development DepartmentDowntown

City Opens Consolidated Housing & Community Development Department Downtown
Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce the opening of the Housing & Community Development Department (HCDD), the product of the merger of the City’s Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance (NSCC) and Community Development departments.  This merger will provide the City’s neighborhood revitalization specialists with community development funds, and allow them to expand their available resources to enhance the quality, safety, and livability of local neighborhoods.  To ensure that this mission includes everyone in our community, for the first time in the City’s history, a position has been filled within the department which focuses solely on helping Salisbury’s homeless population.
The Housing and Community Development Department’s location in the old Hess Building on  207 W. Main St brings another key piece of City government Downtown, to the heart of Salisbury.  As the NSCC and Community Development offices move to their new, combined location, staff will remain accessible to the public at the same email addresses and phone numbers they have always had.  
“By consolidating these two departments, we have removed duplicative costs while removing artificial barriers within government.  Under the leadership of Department Director Susan Phillips, I am confident that new resources in our efforts to comfortably house all Salisbury residents with dignity will help to reduce homelessness, improve access to affordable housing, and improve neighborhood integrity,” said the Mayor

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