Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Berlin Police Department Update On Rabies Case


On Monday, June 28th, Officers of the Berlin Police Department responded to Old Ocean City Blvd in reference to a groundhog attempting to scratch at the window of the doctor’s office. Upon locating the animal and the unnaturally aggressive actions, officers were forced to destroy the animal. The remains were secured by Worcester Animal Control and sent to the Worcester County Health Department for testing. This test showed positive for rabies.

There have been 5 investigations of rabies in the Berlin area (3 within the municipal limits) with 2 of the cases testing positive. These cases involve 3 raccoons, 2 groundhogs and a fox.

Due to the high volume of rain, these occurrences maybe more frequent due to the animals being temporarily forced out of the natural environments.

The Berlin Police Department advises its citizens to avoid any contact with possible wildlife that are found on their property. If you suspect that an animal may be rabid, inform the Police Department or the Worcester County Animal Control office.

A link has been provided here to the Worcester County Health Department’s Website with advice in dealing with rabies and possible exposure.

Berlin Police Department – (410) 641-1333
Worcester County Animal Control – (410) 632-1340


Anonymous said...

Groundhogs are all over Worcester County. I killed one that tried to attack me in St Martins Neck near Bishopville.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a groundhog needs to have rabies to attack a person.They walk around the East Salisbury Elementary School like they own it & I darned sure wouldn't mess with one.

Amibeth Jean Pierre said...

All my cats stay inside and all have their shots & no doggie doors.