Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wicomico County Council slashes free Wor-Wic tuitions

Funding for free tuitions at Wor-Wic Community College was cut from the proposed fiscal 2017 budget after Wicomico County Council members said they wanted to see a detailed plan before the scholarship program is offered to county residents.

Council members John Hall and Matt Holloway said they were in favor of leaving the money in the budget, but others said that while the concept is good, they wanted to see more information before approving the $252,000 appropriation.

“I prefer to put it into contingency until we have a plan,” said Councilman Marc Kilmer.

The initiative had the support of the Greater Salisbury Committee, said Mike Dunn, president and CEO of the organization, who attended Tuesday’s budget work session.

While the council cut funds from the budget, they left the door open for the future, he said.

“I remain hopeful that the initiative still has life,” Dunn said.

Council President John Cannon said the county should first establish eligibility criteria for the scholarships with council input, and then have it adopted through a resolution before money is allocated in the budget.

“We would really like to know how it’s structured,” he said.

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