Wednesday, June 15, 2016

White Marlin Open Steals Image From Local Photographer Chris Parypa

It is shameful White Marlin Open stole my picture! I was trying to contact White Marlin Open many times, I left voice messages, I left FB messages, I sent emails. The only answer I received was from their graphic designer who admitted to steal my picture. White Marlin Open never contacted me to talk about issue, they still sell T-shirts with STOLEN picture and seems like they don’t really care. Photography is the only job that I have. This is what I do for a living. This is how I make money to feed my family. It is a shame that the World's Largest Billfish Tournament with budget counted in millions stole picture from LOCAL photographer and use it to make money and advertise the tournament. Dear White Marlin Open maybe now you will find the way to contact me and resolve this embarrassing situation. Please share and make sure that people know about this embarrassing situation! I was supporting WMO for years… not anymore, not anymore. What they did is disgusting. SAY NO TO PICTURE THEFT !

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