Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Senator Mathias Talks Governor Hogan Visit

As we begin our summer season on the Eastern Shore, I had the privilege to again welcome our Governor, Larry Hogan, to Worcester County. We started the day touring and learning about the great work George Tunis and his exceptional team at Hardwire LLC continue to do at their Pocomoke City facility.
On a daily basis, the Hardwire team is dedicated to protecting our military, police, and public safety first responders, as well as keeping our citizens safe in very dangerous and unpredictable world.
Additionally, the Hardwire team protects our vital state and national transportation infrastructure, and excels in research and development for the evolution of and advancements in public safety and protection equipment. Check out several pictures of our tour and demonstration.
As our day continued, we traveled to the West Ocean City area to visit the Joan Jenkins Worcester County Addictions Cooperative Services (WACS) Center. The staff and members of the Worcester County Health Department showcased the great work and public health services this integrated operation provides. Thousands and thousands of Worcester County citizens as well as regional neighbors seek help and advice here to navigate the many challenging facets of addiction and mental health.
Pictured is Governor Hogan with, Dr. Michael Finegan, Clinical Psycholgist, Ph.D, Eric Gray, Director of Worcester County Behavioral Health Unit, and Worcester County Chief Health Officer, Debbie Goeller , R.N., M.S., listening to Mr. Charles "Buddy" Jenkins, founder of the acclaimed center, as he describes the mission of WACS.
It is most gratifying to realize all that we have to offer in our great county of Worcester, right here on the Lower Eastern Shore.
Wishing you the best as we continue forward with the first week of Summer 2016.


Anonymous said...

Jim had better find out why Hogan fails to get behind the Republican winner.....that would be time better spent! Oh, thanks for putting the regular comment post back!!!! PLEASE LEAVE IT LIKE THIS JT!!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

George better be careful with his inventory. Mayor Morrison who was fired from his last two jobs for stealing work at Hardwire.

Anonymous said...

Once a thief, always a thief