Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Orange Smoking Receptacles No More In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY — The bright orange barrels that served as the smoking receptacles on the beach from one end of Ocean City to the other last year have been replaced with low-key smaller receptacles mounted to posts in the designated areas, but the diminished presence does not mean Ocean City is any less serious about enforcing the ordinance that went into effect last year.

Last year, the Mayor and Council adopted an ordinance banning smoking on the beach except for designated areas with proper receptacles for disregarding cigarette butts. The designated smoking areas are located on the beach at each street from the Inlet to the Delaware line with a few exceptions and smoking is only allowed within 15 feet of the designated areas.

Last year, the designated smoking areas were marked with bright orange barrels, essentially 22-gallon receptacles located along the beach and 15 feet off the Boardwalk, where smoking is also prohibited. The orange cigarette butt receptacles shared space on the beach with the countless iconic blue trash barrels, which encouraged beachgoers to pick up after themselves, but also contributed to the clutter on the otherwise pristine strand.

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