Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Judge gives 30 years for 'senseless' Duck Inn slaying

A bit of spit during an argument cost 25-year-old Derrick Collick his life outside a Pocomoke gas station, attorneys said Friday, May 27, at his killer's sentencing hearing.

"I can't tell you how how many times I've thought out this case," Worcester County Circuit Court Judge Richard R. Boxom said Friday morning. "I can't count up how many homicide cases I've seen as a prosecutor, a defense attorney or a judge, but one common theme is they're always senseless."

"This is is on the senseless end of senseless," the judge added, before sentencing 22-year-old Kaniesha Lachella Johnson to serve 30 years in a state penitentiary.

Johnson pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and second-degree assault earlier this year in connection with the stabbing of Collick during an October 2015 fight outside the Duck Inn on Lynnhaven Drive in Pocomoke City. Once she completes a 14 year narcotics sentence, she will begin her 30-year term, according to the judge's ruling.

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Donald W. Shafer said...

If this case bothered the judge so bad, why only 30 years? Amazing you can kill someone and end up walking the streets again (I doubt she serves anywhere close to her full sentence).

Tom Tucker said...

She will do atleast 18yrs on the 30yrs because violent crimes you do half which is 15yrs and board will make you do 2 to 3yrs before you get parole after the 15 yrs.

rigsby416 said...

Whoa there pardner.

The 30 years does not even begin until her current sentence for a previous crime is complete. By the way, if she has time over her head, she is not eligible for parole on the FIRST crime.
It will be a long time before she roams the soil of the the Eastern Shore-outside of a tall fence anyway.

rigsby416 said...

Willie Don

Not so fast Gov. First she has to finish the 14 (FOURTEEN) years she is currently serving for a dope crime, then the clock starts on her 30 year sentence for murder.

By the way, since she has another sentence pending, she has to do ALL of the 14 years of the dope charge.

She will be a dried up old hag by the time she walks amongst us again.

Donald W. Shafer said...

OK, I didn't know that about the previous sentence! That's good news.

Anonymous said...

It' good that she confessed. I don't think she had any other choices. I'm glad she's got to do 14 years than at least 15 before being considered for parole. Won't happen if she's a problem inmate. It's also sad people are so violent in our society now.

Anonymous said...

Obama will release her at the end of his term blaming her incarceration on racism.