Thursday, June 2, 2016

Crisfield City Hall Budget Meeting Tonight At 5

There will be a City Hall Budget Meeting  tonight at 5 pm in City Hall. Councilman Atkins has stressed the importance of not spending money that the city doesn't have and Councilman Knopelsky has stressed that eventually this $500,000.00 loan will raise the Crisfield City Taxes eventually. 

  Council members Johnson, Scott & Emily are all in support of the loan for the roads. 2 out of 3 of the Council members do not pay Property Taxes for the City or County. 

 Councilman Atkins & Knopelsky are stressing for public attendance. 
     Councilwoman Scott lives on one of the roads that is slated to be paved.  Number of homes on Hammock Point - 17 and the road is not a main thoroughfare.  Number of homes on Anchor Drive - 29 and not a main thoroughfare..  Neither of these roads will bring "commerce" to the city and the roads leading up to them are not slated to be paved so the homeowners will have to drive over potholes on major thoroughway roads to get to these nice newly paved roads.  Out of 2700 Crisfield Citizens, an average of 1000 plus taxpaying citizens of Crisfield are taking out a 20 year loan to pave the roads for less than 50 homes.

   Please attend tonight to stress your thoughts.

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Glad to see you are reporting on Crisfield news ....thought you weren't going to anymore?