Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Taser Quelled Potential Dangerous Stun Gun Incident Outside Trump Rally

OCEAN CITY — More details emerged this week about a potentially violent incident following Donald Trump’s visit to Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin in April including a suspect being subdued with the threat of a Taser by an OCPD officer.

On April 20, Trump visited Berlin for a political rally attended by thousands including supporters, protesters and hundreds more curiosity seekers. While Trump was speaking inside the school, thousands gathered in areas around Decatur including the parking lot of the old Harley Davidson business across the street.

The protests, while somewhat chippy, were by and large peaceful although an incident later in evening after the rally threatened to turn violent. During his monthly briefing on the crime report and Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW), or Taser, use by the department for April, OCPD Chief Ross Buzzuro outlined an incident where an undercover officer assigned to the Trump rally had to utilize a Taser to bring into compliance a suspect who was threatening to shoot another man with a stun gun.

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Anonymous said...

Change scares the heck out of people.The changes promised by Trump scares the heck out of people.Who knows or even cares if the protesters were paid to disrupt? Destiny will have it's day in court and it ALWAYS wins.

Anonymous said...

I saw a White dude beat his azz straight up when he started spraying pepper spray.

Anonymous said...

thugs lives don't matter.