Saturday, May 7, 2016

Salvation Army centers' fate uncertain; financial savior needed

The Salvation Army is racing to secure funding to keep open two youth centers before the launch of the summer season, or face consolidating programs into one of them and closing the other.

Permanently closing the Richard Hazel Youth Center on North Lake Park Drive is a proposal Salvation Army officials want to skirt. But the possibility looms large and could become reality by the opening of the academic year.

"We hope and pray we don't close anything at all," says Maj. Vic Tidman, commanding officer at The Salvation Army of the Lower Eastern Shore. "We are working hard to find funding needed to keep everything open."

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Anonymous said...

Where have the funds raised by bell ringing, donations, and state grant monies already gone???? Is there a funding audit provided on a quarterly basis????? Something doesn't add up.....

Anonymous said...

Mark Thompson ran it into the ground before he got fired.. Twice.

Now he is working at the Board of Education with a program that is allowing Thugs to break the law because teachers, principals, and Deputies can't do anything because it's a Black Thing. What ever he gets into is trouble. Just like when he worked at FedEx he got fired for doing some things he wasn't supposed to when he was married.

Anonymous said...

Time to refocused our efforts on job creation, job training and education rather then throwing money at a problem that isn't the solution. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish, he'll eat everyday.

Anonymous said...

Close it down along with the so called AT RISK park there.
Nothing but another free paid for by the taxpayer babysitting service.