Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rosemary Moon McIntyre Cold Case Update

I have been working on these cold cases exclusively the past few weeks and I believe that there are a few like Rosemary Moon McIntyre that we may never get a solved stamp on, but after looking over this case it is very clear imho that the evidence points to the suspect who is deceased. I spent time looking over documents, books, old newspapers and in the end I have to agree with the conclusion of Retired Judge Cathell that the murderer was Leroy Tyler who was a black servant in the household of the then Worcester County State's Attorney John L. (Jack) Sanford, Jr..

Leroy was seen by witnesses talking to Rosemary at the Mall the evening she went missing, and a witness was in the presence of the Stanfords who went to police after overhearing the conversation below

"One morning in early 1970 the following short conversation between Jack and his wife Elizabeth occurred in his presence: Jack to Elizabeth: “He’s done it this time. Your n%#% [Leroy Tyler] killed that [McIntyre] girl.” 24 Elizabeth to Jack: “You can’t do anything about it. It’s an election year. If that gets out, you’ll lose the election."

Mr Stanford had a history of getting Leroy out of trouble using his power as State's Attorney. In the days before Rosemary went missing it was known that Leroy had stolen an alligator wallet from Mr Stanford. That same wallet was found in the creek with Rosemary's body. Leroy died many years back as well as the Sanford's and all the witnesses so in reality there can never be any charges brought forward. This case can be considered closed even if it stays open because nobody paid for the crime. It really is a sad tale and I encourage you to read Judge Cathell's book


Anonymous said...

Politics win out over murder..can only hope/pray that justice was served when they both stood before God.

Anonymous said...

My diaper is full, can you come change it?

Anonymous said...

We can take solace in knowing that the trash Sanfords and the murderer Tyler are all burning in hell right now.
The family of these Sanford degenerates heads need to be dragging the ground in shame. Disgusting pieces of shit. No better than the murderer himself.

Anonymous said...

I remember her from the Hulabaloo with 3 other girls.She was very conservative in nature & appeared to be shy like me.I never met her but I recall her.

Anonymous said...

What I'm wondering is why when another states attorney was elected they didn't look into this. Was it because by then the suspect had died.