Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pathways to Recovery will Feature Tony Hoffman at SU

BMX Star Tony Hoffman will be speaking tonight  in the Wicomico Room of the Guerrieri University Center, at S.U. 


Tony Hoffman was introduced to BMX racing at age 12.  His talent brought him multiple sponsorship contracts with major companies, and landed him at the top of the national rankings.  At the height of his early success, Tony began to experiment with drugs and alcohol.  Within just a few short years, he had gone from the covers of BMX magazines to the depths of heroin abuse.  Tony is one of the lucky ones, having survived his addiction.  He is now on a mission to tell the youth of the nation just how devastating drug addiction is and how easily it can happen to anyone.  His inspirational story of fame, decline, and recovery will focus on the dangers of turning to drugs and falling into despair.

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