Monday, May 16, 2016

New Berlin Library Branch Design Unveiled

BERLIN – Library representatives shared plans for the new Berlin branch, a state-of-the-art 11,000 square foot building to be located on Harrison Avenue, with town officials this week.

Ron Cascio, a Worcester County Library board member as well as a Berlin Planning Commission member, presented plans for the new library before the commission this week. The two-story brick building will be located next to the Waystead Inn on Harrison Avenue.

Cascio says the new facility will provide the same services the existing Berlin library offers but with significantly more space. The layout of the ground floor is even similar to what patrons experience now, with a children’s area to the left of the entrance and the bulk of the library’s books to the right.

“It’s like the existing library in the way it’s set up but it’s bigger,” he said.

The second floor of the library, which can be accessed via an interior stairway or by an exterior stairway, will provide space for a teen section and a history section. It will also house a large community room. That space, which will hold 80-100 people, will be available for the community to use free of charge.

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Anonymous said...

JT speaking of Libraries, Can you find out when the new Crisfield Library is scheduled to open and/if they are having any opening day activities.

Anonymous said...

I was told crisfield was gonna open in june old one closed 18th this month and are setting up new one

Anonymous said...

Funny, but no one uses the library these days except the freeloaders mooching off free internet.