Friday, May 20, 2016


The Salisbury Barrack made the following DUI arrests during the week of 5/06/2016 through 05/13/2016:

James Allen Worton  23yoa  Salisbury, MD

Jalin Kenneth Lyons  20yoa  Salisbury, MD

Joseph Raymond Knight  24yoa  Salisbury, MD

Monroy Ramos Wilson  18yoa  Salisbury, MD

Toi Courtney Joynes  31yoa  Salisbury, MD

Stacey Lemont McDaniel  45yoa  Salisbury, MD

Francisco Chan Poroj  23yoa  Salisbury, MD

Kelly Jean Phillips  37yoa  unknown

William Gerard Wilson  36yoa  Salisbury, MD


Anonymous said...

I suppose the MSP or still investigating the officer that was driving drunk and wrecked his truck on Super bole weekend since he has never been charged. It is so unfair that some will pay the consequences for DUI and others get off. Does the MADD organization exist anymore? If they do they should be outraged that a police officer would drive drunk and when he gets caught doesn't even get charged.

Anonymous said...

I no longer trust or believe in MSP. A joke...

Anonymous said...

I have no faith or belief in MSP anymore. Do anything for a DWI arrest.

Anonymous said...

Msp are nothing but traffic agents with guns.

Jonathan Taylor said...

Wrong MSP have some of the finest homicide detectives and other undercover officers in the nation