Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Charge against former UMES student upgrades to murder

Murder cases for a former UMES student and another man accused in the homicide of Damon Jennings, a Baltimore stylist, have landed in Somerset County Circuit Court.

Kevin Nixon, who was a 22-year-old senior at UMES until the body was found in late October 2015, was indicted April 15 by a Somerset grand jury on charges of murder in the first and second degree, conspiracy, assault and related offenses, according to state electronic court records.

Initially, the Gwynn Oak native was charged in Somerset with accessory after the fact of murder in connection with the death around Oct. 25. No trial date has been set. Last week in Baltimore County, a court decided that a similar charge against Nixon would not be prosecuted.

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Anonymous said...

Joe just posted this "One day I got a call, (after helping the SA for two years) from the Major at the SA who asked me to come into a meeting. It turns out Jonathan Taylor, (EBT Blogger) and his friends contacted the WalMart Corporation stating they had just witnessed me talking to an interracial couple saying I called him a "N-World loving whore" in front of Sam's Club. It was a complete lie/fabrication but they were so proud that they got me thrown out of that location."

what say you JT bet you won't publish

Jonathan Taylor said...

11:12 I have not read anything Joe has posted since last October, but fine I will respond to your comment. I had absolutely nothing to do with him getting tossed from Walmart, I never made one phone call asking him be removed that is a fact. The person who was responsible for making the calls pretending to be various people was Tom McGuire the guy who is in prison for various crimes. Albero never called anyone names in front of Walmart and I have told various people many times over the years this was an untrue story McGuire made up. The Salvation Army struggling has nothing to do with Joe or I and our issues in the past. The economy is crap and people just don't have extra money to give away to help others anymore. Helping the poor and people get help is far more important that either of our egos. If us ringing the bell together could help keep them going I would be out there tomorrow doing so.