Monday, May 16, 2016

7 Weeks Later John Blasko Case Still No Answers

7 weeks ago a mystery baffled our area in the form of the Death of Mr John Blasko. His car found parked behind an abandoned building well away from his house, chemicals dumped on it both inside and outside. John found deceased in his home by Officers who were overtaken by chemical smells and were forced out. 7 weeks later we have had zero answers to this case. We have not heard what the chemicals were, cause of death absolutely nothing. This is looking more like a cold case I'm going to add to my other site since we can get no answers.


Anonymous said...

Told you as soon as it was reported, JT. The Keystone Kops screw up another case.

Anonymous said...

JT, have you made a FOIA request or does that not apply here?