Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SU Racist Drawing Found Warning On Content

This is what some ignorant college kid drew on a whiteboard at Blackwell Library. I'm sure they thought this was funny but it is actually a prime example of a lack of an iq.

This isn't funny and I hope the college finds the student and kicks them out


Anonymous said...

JT there are cameras ALL OVER the library he hasn't been found because they know he is BLACK.

Anonymous said...

Kids are so stupid.

It's unbelievable that this is a college student. Middle or high school would be more likely for this kind of crap.

What kind of intelligent person thinks "hmm, wonder what kind of crap I can start by drawing an ignorant picture for the school to see?"

Our future parents, leaders and so on do not really give me any hope. The race issues have been going probably since the beginning of time. We can all manage to get past this. What we can't get past is a generation that is completely dependent on technology, praise and coddling. There are no consequences for their actions. Parents and teachers are not the only ones responsible for our younger generations. All society molds these children into the adults they are becoming.

These kids are numb to violence from media. They have been watching and playing and from the news, watching death and destruction just about every day.

I'm almost 40. When you heard about a murder or big fight or robbery around here, it was shocking. Now it is just another day. We are more shocked about the 300 dogs than we are our kids fighting each other at school over race.

It's very sad.

Anonymous said...

It would not surprise me to learn that the "Artist" was black...

Anonymous said...

Liberals want a race war I say bring it on.

Anonymous said...

SMH....With all that we are faced with in this world in 2016, this is the nonsense that people have time for. The race war?? If the person that did it was white...Listen, let it go Black people aren't going anywhere!! Along with all the other races that are not White. So chill
If the person that did it was black...its a shame that you are wasting your time and knowledge on drawing such stuff. Grab a book and get yourself together!!

Really People?!!

Anonymous said...

There is no more racism so they have to create it.

Anonymous said...

These race hoaxes have been going on constantly , for years. No matter what their race, they offender should be publicly identified, shamed and expelled.