Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SPD FOLLOW UP Standing Up For People Who Ask For Help Is Never Wrong

Today has been quite the day as my post regarding morale at the Salisbury Police Department quickly became a much talked about story. This is exactly what I wanted and intended. Stories like these are what I do best, put myself out there to tell people what is really happening and not hide behind the glossy world of niceness. 

What isn't fair is the brave men and women of our police department hating every day having to go to work because of Barbara Duncan . Officers feeling like she will throw them under the bus and not have their back when they are on the front line fighting a battle with criminals who around the country are killing them at alarming rates.

I will never be afraid to tell what is happening behind the scenes and I don't care if Barb Duncan or any of her supporters like it. I Think you should know by now I don't give a shit what people think when I see an injustice, and the treatment these officers are dealing with is one of those things.


Shawn Widdowson said...

Can I get a place on your blog to write, there is alot to be said alot that is not seen and alot that needs to be fixed! Thank you for all you do but there's alot more and I would like to help. Investigating journalism is a hobby of mine and a desire to fix the world for our future is necessary. Thank you. Shawn

Jonathan Taylor said...

Email me jtlesn@comcast.net we will make it happen

Anonymous said...

If they don't like it, QUIT!!! It's the same police force before Chief Duncan got here. The same crybaby who cried about the last chief and will cry about the next one. Cry about the old mayor and now crying the just elected mayor. That's ALL people in Salisbury do is WHINE!!! THE CITY SHOULD BE CALLED "WHINEBURY"#!!!