Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Week Later No Answers In Liberty Street Mystery

A week since the mystery on Liberty street and no answers from police. It was a week ago that Mr Blasko was found dead in his house and his car found abandoned covered in an unknown substance . We still don't know what the chemical was , we still know nothing as all information had ceased


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Lets see one week =40 hours. Assuming he is INSTANTLY going 625 MPH, and does not stop or slow down for 10 hours each day (that would include an INSTANT stop when he goes 10-7 home), he could go the full 25,000 miles during the week.

Or if you meant a 2 week pay period, he could cruise along at a leisurely 312 MPH for the 80 hours during his 25,000 mile patrol.
Is his cruiser and F-15?

Anonymous said...

We will never know.Law enforcement here likes to cover up stuff