Friday, April 15, 2016

Insulting Treatment Of Blasko Family By SPD Leadership Follow Up

I want to make a follow up to my post in regards to the irresponsible action on the part of Barbara Duncan and Captain Keiser of the Salisbury Police Department, with telling the Daily Times anything in regards to the Blasko case without results back from toxicology etc. The part that I didn't add was the fact that they never bothered to call the family and tell them any of this "stuff" they told the Times. Your going to put out to the world that you found drug paraphernalia and say you believe it was household chemicals without test results back but yet don't think you should alert the family first? You make them find out from the paper???? really wtf is wrong with you.


Anonymous said...

Excellent comment JT!!!! What the heck is happening at the State Crime Lab????? You mean they are this backed up with running evidence in a case where someone died for no apparent reason and they are this slow...its coming up on over 3 weeks!!!!!! Duncan is asleep at the darn wheel. Jake needs to get on the stick, he needs his office to be at the SPD Headquarters for a while so he can talk with the Officers and see first hand what the heck is happening....ignoring the problem does not solve the problem!!!

Anonymous said...

Your on a need to know basis! !! It's an open investigation. When do you believe ANYTHING the reporters around here have to say??? WAKE UP!! IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS UNTIL THE INVESTIGATION IS COMPLETE! !! F OK ND HOMES FOR THE PUPPIES! !