Friday, April 29, 2016

Homicide In Pittsville Press Release




On Thursday, April 28, 2016 at approximately 1504 hours [3:04 p.m.] the Wicomico County Sheriff’s received a 911 emergency call to respond to 7434 Cemetery Ave., Pittsville, WicomicoCounty, MD to investigate a reported stabbing.

Upon arrival responding Deputies gained entry into the residence and discovered a deceased male later identified as Jeremy Joseph Nolin with a stab wound to his chest.  A short time later the suspect Shawna Louise Hournbuckle arrived on scene.  Hournbuckle informed Deputies she and Nolin had engaged in a physical altercation the night prior which resulted in Nolin being stabbed in the chest.  Deputies then transported Hournbuckle to the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.  

The Wicomico Bureau of Investigation was contacted and additional assistance was provided by the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit. 

Investigators examined the scene conducted interviewrelated to the investigation.  The findings were discussed with the Wicomico County States Attorney Office and Hournbuckle was charged on a statement of charges with ;

*Murder –Second Degree* Dangerous and Deadly weapon with intent to injure

*Manslaughter*Assault First Degree

*Assault Second Degree

Hournbuckle was turned over to the custody of the Wicomico County Detention Center

Investigating AgencyWicomico County Sheriff’s Office

Lead Investigator: Master Trooper Otis Elzey


The Wicomico County Bureau of Investigation is a combined criminal investigation unit operated by the Maryland State Police and the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.


Anonymous said...

The ending to this is not really that surprising when you look at his FB page.

Anonymous said...

That FB page is revealing.....think they had a drug problem.

Anonymous said...

People with a drug and alcohol problem shouldn't come to the Eastern Shore because they will only get worse. This area has an intoxicated culture; especially the Willards area.

Anonymous said...

11:41 what makes you think the Eastern Shore is so much worse than any other area???? Go west and visit any city or town, you have the exact same thing only worse (it's called an epidemic)....go back to sleep!

Oh by the way..."I'll drink to that!!!" ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Let's try to look past this and see it for what it really is. SAD. RIP Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

1:03 you sound like your drunk at your keyboard. Its not a joke.

Anonymous said...

Is is African American or Indian?

Anonymous said...

People bring there problems here.

Anonymous said...

I glanced at his page and saw pictures of marijuana. He was stabbed and left for a day. I am sure you would not want to see someone assuming things about someone you know like this. There weren't any drug charges listed either. Domestic violence takes maky people's lives. Including this young mans life. He has two daughters one a minor and the other one is my best friend. She is one of the most well rounded people I know. Unlike you she doesn't stereotype people or judge people based on looks alone. RIP Jeremy Nolin
I haven't a clue if they had a drug problem or not. It doesn't seem to have any bearing on what transpired in this event either.
The revealing thing to me is how ignorant people like you write comments or post things without knowing the truth.

Shawn Widdowson said...

If people are ready and willing to point fingers and place blame on certain areas you should also be willing to give it your all to fix if not your opinion ain't worth the toilet paper you use! If the eastern shore is so bad help fix , it is our home!