Sunday, April 10, 2016

Denise Horsey Memorial Walk Is Why I Continue To Run This Site

Spending time today in the park with the family and friends of Denise Horsey, reminded me of exactly why I will not stop doing what I do.

Family and friends gathered seeking answers to the murder of their loved one. 10 years have passed and still no one has been brought to justice for this crime

Here is the part I get real and tell it exactly how it is. On an everyday basis all the other local media ( WBOC, WMDT, DAILY TIMES) troll the local news blogs looking for story ideas and yet not one of them could be bothered to cover this event today remembering that 10 years have gone by with no answers for Denise Horsey's loved ones. Not a single one .

It isn't just them that disgusted me, I'm also disturbed that Barbara Duncan the Salisbury Police Chief could not be bothered to send someone down to show the family they continue to work the case since it is a Salisbury Police Homicide. 

People just don't want to be bothered because it's not "juicy" enough since 10 years have gone by, but her loved ones have to deal with this everyday of their lives and it is insulting to me personally that this wasn't considered worthy of their time. 


Anonymous said...

Bless you! I have recently started following your blog and this brought tears to my eyes. I know her son well and I am friends with other extended family members, I know that your presence and dedication is so appreciated. It pains my heart when cold cases are pretty much forgotten by so many but they are never forgotten by those who loved the victim. Thank you for covering this event and thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Local politicians should have been there too. There's no excuse why they weren't. Nothing is more important from both a justice point of view and a moral point of view then for elected officials to stand by and support people who are the victims of crime and their families.
It's a darn shame that it takes a blogger and not our elected officials to bring awareness to an unsolved murder. Nothing against you JT and you are to be commended for your efforts and it shows you are more of an upstanding person than those who are supposed to be serving we the people.

Anonymous said...

5:07's statement---
"It pains my heart when cold cases are pretty much forgotten by so many but they are never forgotten by those who loved the victim"

is powerful and so true and something we all need to remember.

I hate to see people having to go through this. It's bad enough to lose someone in such a violent way but for no one to be brought to justice for her death makes it all the more sad. I will pray that one day sooner rather then later someone will be held accountable and justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

That's because the good ole boys don't want to draw attention to the Great BURY..