Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LESN Democratic Primary Endorsement

As early voting starts today, we wanted to share our endorsement of Joe Werner for US Congress in District 1 in the Maryland Democratic Primary. 

The wealth of Constitutional knowledge shared on his website - - is simply amazing.  His in depth plan for addressing the national debt and lifting up our economy makes one wonder - why didn't he run for President?  Joe's ideas displayed on his site are representative of where the Deomcratic Party's new wave philosophy will take us.  His ideas make so much more sense this his primary opponent's ideals and will certainly do more to turn this country around!

His opponent, Councilman Jim Ireton, is so far to the left he makes Bernie Sanders sound like a founding member of the modern day Tea Party.  Jim is so whacked out, his rent control proposal would have turned Salisbury into a mirror image of Hanoi, Vietnam in it's glory days of Communist rule.

For me folks, we need an average Joe - Joe Werner, a Democrat for Congress in Maryland's 1st District. 

Unless of course you want to get Ireton out of Salisbury and into a place where he should fit right in, that's really the only reason you would vote for him.


Anonymous said...

Who is Joe Werner and why would he even need an endorsement?

Anonymous said...

This is classic.

Anonymous said...

Jt having a flip flopper event on politics AGAIN.? Just when I thought you where saved.

Jonathan Taylor said...

tongue in cheek humor..

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican but will tell my democratic friends to vote Joe because Ireton wants transgender bathrooms and is one real PIECE OF SHIT.