Friday, March 11, 2016

MSP DUI Arrests

Barrack "E" DUI Arrests from 3/05/2016 to 3/11/2016:

Clinton T. Murphy  25yoa  Rhodesdale, MD

John C. Moore Jr.  46yoa  Hebron, MD

Kenneth Floyd Dodson Jr.  24yoa  Salisbury, MD

Thomas Lee Vincent 2nd  33yoa  Salisbury, MD

Steven David Whyte  48yoa  Hebron, MD

Jason T. Heil  37yoa  Willards, MD

Melissa Jo Baumann  44yoa  Salisbury, MD

Donald Wallace 3rd  36yoa  unknown

Vandel T. Nock  44yoa  Salisbury, MD

Joseph W. Roughton  53yoa  Dagsboro, DE

Kyle R. Green  20yoa  Salisbury, MD

Jake A. Ruffo  25yoa  Salisbury, MD


Anonymous said...

I bet most names are on case search. Isn't it very strange that the state trooper that got a DUI on super bowl weekend still hasn't shown up on case search. Can someone please explain. I'm not a cop hater but would like to see equal justice for all. What can be so different when a state trooper gets a dui and when the average person gets one?

Anonymous said...

Ruffo almost killed himself driving drunk a couple of years ago guess he didn't learn anything from that incident.