Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Giant To Not Be Sold ?

This back and forth nonsense about giant going to close and not going to close has gotten ridiculous. Ahold the company who owns it said they aren't selling. Who the hell knows anymore


Anonymous said...

In order for the merger to be approved, they can't hold a monopoly in an area. Which is pretty much what they have in Salisbury. That being said, I think it's much more likely that they sell off one of the Food Lion stores. Since the Giant store is pretty much the flagship grocer in town.

Anonymous said...

Eastern shore "announcements" are typically made before any serious thought goes into it.There is always a restaurant coming to town and then there isn't.Some years back local newspapers were plastered with some big deal that was coming to the old mall property and then it wasn't.We can't even trust an actual ground breaking any more.I never get my hopes up anymore until an actual grand opening occurs.