Sunday, March 27, 2016

Batman V Superman Spoiler Free Review

I want to start reviewing movies as well since this is my site and I have the outlet to do so. I want to start with one of the more anticipated releases to start the season with Batman v Superman.

The movie is 2 1/2 hours long so you definitly get your times worth in that department. One of the most intriguing questions going into the movie for most was how good a job would Ben Affleck do as Batman. 

I think he did ok, he kinda played the character like a burnt out version of Christian Bales batman. Jesse Eisenberg was alright as Lex Luthor although at times I felt like he was just being a more insane version of Mark Zuckenberg from the Social Network .

I think Gal Gadot stole the movie as Wonder Woman , as she did a great job . 

The parts I hated most was the flash introduction because DC comics decided not to use the actor from the tv show  which was a huge mistake in my opinion 

Overall I give Batman v Superman a B-

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Anonymous said...

Never over anticipate a movie,because you are setting yourself up for an inevitable letdown.Those people who actually camped out at a theater while awaiting a movie were amusing,because after all the hell they endured NOTHING could live up to their expectations once the movie started.Go expecting to be let down and you won't be disappointed.