Sunday, February 7, 2016

Salisbury Police Home Invasion Press Release

The suspects remain at large as a result of a home invasion that occurred during the mid morning hours of February 6, 2016.

On February 6, 2016, Salisbury Police officers and detectives responded to the 500 block of Christopher Street, Salisbury, MD for a reported home invasion. Officers arrived on scene and met with an 88 year old female victim and a 65 year old male victim. The victims received minor injuries to their faces and medical attention was not required.

Further investigation revealed that the victims had just arrived home. Shortly after entering their residence, the two suspects also entered the residence through an open and unlocked door. As the victims tried to get the suspects to leave, suspect #1 pushed the female victim to the side and into a wall. Suspect #2 then struck the male victim in the face. The suspects were able steal property of the victims prior to fleeing the residence. The suspects fled the residence on foot in an unknown direction. Salisbury Police Department K-9, Meso, assisted in the investigation, and conducted a K-9 track which did not reveal additional evidence.

SUSPECT #1 Black male, early 20’s, approximately 6’-00” tall, thin build wearing dark clothing SUSPECT#2 Black male, early 20’s, approximately 5’-08”tall, stocky build, wearing dark clothing

The investigation is on-going and the Salisbury Police Department requests anyone who may have information concerning this investigation to contact Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at (410) 548- 1776, or the Salisbury Police Department at (410)548-3165. CRIME SOLVERS IS OFFERING A REWARD OF UP TO $2,000 FOR INFORMATION THAT LEADS TO THE ARREST OF THE TWO SUSPECTS INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME. 


Anonymous said...

Lock and load my 44 s&w!!!!!

Mike P said...

Hey Jonathan, where'sthe dstoryon Culvers kid ggetting his second DUI? Facing jail time. All seems to be so hush hush. Not even a word about it on Alberos page. Aka, Mr. suck up to
Bob. His case is open on MD case search page. Smh.

jackie perry said...

What is this guy talking about?!?

Anonymous said...

Bob Culvers son got his second DUI... Seems to just be brushed under the rug and all hush hush. If this had been pollitts kid, it would be spread everywhere.

Anonymous said...

that story went to same place that Albutthole's son's story went. you know the son that stole all of the copper from the A/C units on top of the ol'mans downtown election headquarters building. LOL!