Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Salisbury Police Hit And Run Incident Update

The Salisbury Police Department detectives have obtained video of the pick-up truck believed to be involved in a pedestrian hit and run motor vehicle collision that occurred during the late evening hours of February 5, 2016.

On February 5, 2016, Salisbury Police officers responded to the intersection of N. Salisbury Blvd and Wilson Street for a reported pedestrian hit and run motor vehicle collision. Officers located the 51 year old female victim laying in the roadway and unresponsive. Salisbury emergency medical personnel responded to the scene and transported the victim to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where she was initially treated and stabilized. Due to the nature of the victim’s injuries, she was transferred to R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center for further evaluation and treatment. The victim’s injuries are still considered serious, but not life threatening. The victim is continuing to receive treatment at the Shock Trauma Center.

Further investigation revealed that the victim was walking west across N. Salisbury Blvd in the area of Wilson Street. The suspect vehicle was traveling south on N. Salisbury Blvd. As the victim reached the south bound lanes of N. Salisbury Blvd, she was struck by the suspect vehicle. Witnesses were able to describe the suspect vehicle as a white, F-Series, Ford pick-up truck with unknown damage to the front end. The operator of the truck was only described as being an older white male.

The Salisbury Police Department has been working closely with businesses in the area to obtain video footage of the accident. Subsequently, detectives have obtained the below still image of what is believed to be the suspect vehicle as well as the attached video of the collision which shows the vehicle traveling south on N. Salisbury Blvd. After the collision occurs, the suspect vehicle can be seen stopping momentarily, backing and then eventually leaving the scene.

The investigation is continuing and the Salisbury Police Department is actively working to positively identify the suspect vehicle as well as the operator.

Anyone who may have been traveling in this particular area on February 5, 2106, at approximately 11:40 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., or anyone who knows the identity of the operator or recognizes the truck is requested to contact Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at (410) 548-1776, or the Salisbury Police Department at (410)548-3165.

Suspect Vehicle:
White F
-Series, U lity pick up truck 

Clip #1

This is a north view of the suspect vehicle traveling south on N. Salisbury Blvd, just prior to the collision.


Clip #2

This is also a north view of the suspect vehicle traveling south. This depicts the amount of traffic going north and south that may have witnessed this accident.


Clip #3

This is a south view of the collision. This will also depict the suspect driver stopping momentarily, backing and then leaving the scene. This also shows multiple vehicles traveling north and south that could have witnessed something.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Royal Plus

Anonymous said...

Like a tire company truck.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to create false hope,but NASA used to do photo filtering where they could clear up a photo considerably & usually enough to read a company name on the side of a vehicle or identify the driver.I could cite a couple of cases dating back to the 90's.My guess is that your photo quality is an accurate transfer & would be usable for analysis.

Anonymous said...

A driver can hit a pedestrian without realizing it.Under certain conditions it can happen without any of the suspected contributing factors such as alcohol,drugs,falling asleep or distracted driving.This guy quite possibly has no idea that he hit someone and may not have seen the damage,if there even is any.

Anonymous said...

Maybe 8:43. What they do is get the series of stills (each frame) and find the clearest parts of each pic and then put all the clear parts together to form one clearer picture. You can't just 'clear' up a photo though most people tend to think it is possible.

Anonymous said...

12:09-True,but I use lay terminology because we all don't get it as well as you.Thanks for explaining how that is done.