Monday, February 8, 2016

MSP Salisbury DUI Arrests

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests From 1/30/2016 - 2/07/2016:

 William S. Eudy  18yoa  Mt. Airy, MD

Charles Monroe Camper  55yoa  Salisbury, MD

Candie Marie Harris  24yoa  Fruitland, MD

Timothy Lionel Young  54yoa  Salisbury, MD

Sheree Lynn Workman  60yoa  Salisbury, MD

John Edward Wallis  74yoa  Ocean City, MD

Jerome Lavance Brittingham Jr.  28yoa  Ocean City, MD

Julian Mitsuo Sadur  24yoa  Rockville, MD

Takiesha R. Steward  32yoa  Salisbury, MD

Dwayne E. Corbin  58yoa  Salisbury, MD

Michael D. Hughes Jr.  22yoa  Smyrna, DE

Shiela R. James  48yoa  Salisbury, MD

Nicole A. Bayer  20yoa  Fruitland, MD

Joshua M. Richa  22yoa  Newport News, VA

Allen R. Bartley 2nd  54yoa  Eden, MD

Jordan Roberto Brooks  20yoa  Baltimore, MD

Bryce A. Smith  23yoa  Ocean City, MD

Kellie Lyn Christie  18yoa  Rising Sun, MD

Omar E. Zepeda-Osarto  32yoa  Unknown


Anonymous said...

Hey JT you might want to check Somerset county accident Saturday night involving a trooper in his pickup totaled the truck cut a pole off and he was wasted drunk accident happened outside of Marion probably another cover up.

Anonymous said...

Lives in turmoil contribute to drinking too much

Anonymous said...

Going to also report the outcome of these? Seems that's only fair. Would be interesting to know who gets convicted and who walks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah where is the trooper dwi story.

Anonymous said...

The story is there were at least 3 other people in the truck they hauled a-- after Dize was out the State Police need to check the 911
dispatch call on-star made the call stated 4 to 5 occupants in vehicle sensors go off and tell how many occupants were in the truck the truth will be hidden due to the fact the occupants were other troopers and there will be a cover up Jt you really need to get your dogs on this one troopers leave a accident scene with a injured trooper.