Saturday, February 6, 2016

Michael Smigiel holds two events in Salisbury

Former Maryland Delegate and Candidate for Congress in Maryland's First District Michael Smigiel held two events in Salisbury on Saturday, February 6.  The first event was held at Headquarters Live and was billed as a 2nd Amendment Rally. The second event was a fundraiser at Roadie Joe's and was featured a Wild Game Buffet and offered a discount if you wore camo. Both events were sparsely attended.

Smigiel has failed to garner any major support in the 1st District. He recently had a push poll done and individuals we talked to said the questions were very skewed, which twisted the ultimate result in Smigiel saying he had a major lead over Harris. Which is how a push poll is supposed to work, it's not a Gallup Poll.

Despite Harris' "unlikeability" reputation he has never had a serious challenge to his seat and his support of downline candidates the past few years by raising money and campaiging for candidates has built a strong support line of local leaders for his reelection. 

Smigiel on the other hand has turned many people off by his antics over the years. One example was the "Fire Safety Video" he did with Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis a few years back. Smigiel failed to inform the popular Sheriff that it was actually a video for his campaign. 

Then on the Democratic side we have Ireton. That's a topic for another day and that day is coming soon - we promise.

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Anonymous said...

Who is Michael Smigiel?

Anonymous said...

Deer sushi-yum

Anonymous said...

He came from Cecil county lost election now wants to jerk us around.

Anonymous said...

Harris? Mikulski worked long and hard to make sure Labinal got it's major government contract, while Harris smiled. Harris's buddy Congressmen from Denton, Texas then told Harris to keep his mouth shut and step aside while they moved the plant and the new conract to their district in Texas. In exchange Harris received a very large campaign contribution from a group of Physicians in guess where? Denton, Texas.
Why would a group of Physicians in of all places, Denton, Texas feel they needed to contribute to the campaign of someone on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.It's not like Harris gets contributions from all over the country, just coincidentally from the Texas town that is going to get Labinal from Salisbury. Look it up, it's public record. Connect the dots. Look up Harris's past campaign contributions. Smiegel's a small time actor compared to Harris.

Anonymous said...

Your praising Pulaski??? She gas been in office 30 years and did NOTHING but line her pockets. See what she is worth leaving office with FULL BENEFITS. NOT OBAMACARE SHE VOTED FOR. SHE did nothing for Maryland. It was All for herself.